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Temporal focal point of hominal activeness

Relationship to other citizenry
What is the person's relation to other citizenry?

U.S. society prizes individuality and realizes fulfilment as reached by

individualal achievement. Maximizing one's opportunities and capabilities transmutes to a moral imperative.

However although Americans pride themselves on their regard for personal freedom, numerous American commercial enterprises (in particular in such long-standing sectors as finance and insurance) are noticeably hierarchical. By comparing, in collectivist Japan, even a chief executive whose company bears his name acknowledges he needs to balance individualal desires against the harmoniousness of the grouping.

Human action
What is the modality of anthropomorphic action?

It is postulated that United States attitude does not provide broad instrumentality of achieving self-identity other than through activity and accomplishment, and so goal-accomplishment becomes instrumentality by which you differentiate yourself apart from the group. Because other persons should be competent to recognize this action, it has to be visible and measurable. Hence financial wealth furnishs one measurement of thriving action. Within the system, employees are motivated by promises of promotion and status symbols overtly affiliated with rank and file such as a superlative company car and a richly fitted place of business.

Buddhist mental attitudes in South-east Asia which adhere to beliefs in rebirth hold that the individual is born into his/her nowaday status and circumstances by moral excellence of meritorious acts performed in a past life and that endeavor in this life may be superfluous. By precluding wicked acts and by preserving the concord of present circumstances, you assist your probability of being born into a elevated position in your next reincarnation.

Human action
What is the temporal focal point of hominal activeness?

The US is commonly held up as a future-determined society which conceives that the forthcoming can be prearranged and disciplined. Furthermore, the future is sure to be better than the present just as the present requisite to be an advance on the past. But this positioning may be short-term.

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